Daily Pass $40.00 incl gst – Daily Admission is the cost of admission for 1 day of gaming weekly.
Price does not include rental equipment.

Rental Gun & Mask $10.00 incl gst – Rental guns are full metal high quality G&G Brand M4, AK47 or MP5 variants.
We have ansi z87.1+ rated paintball masks available for eye and face protection (included in this rate).

Rental Gun Ammo/ Valken Brand .20g (5000 rounds) $20.00 + gst (Our field BBs of choice are highly polished, high quality Valken Brand).
*Please note, we do not allow the use of outside BBs in our rental guns.*

Higher quantity bottles of BBs are available for purchase.

Paintball Mask Rentals $5.00 –¬†Paintball mask (ansi z87.1+ rated) eye and face protection available separately.



We carry a varied assortment of Coca-Cola products including No/Low Calorie Options.

We also have a variety of Chocolate Bars, Chips, Energy Bars, Pepperoni Sticks and Beef Jerky.


We have partnered with our local Domino’s Pizza, and are pleased to be able to offer 50% off Pizza ordered to our location. Our staff would be happy to submit your order for you while you play.

Please note: Referees are on site from 4PM until close on Weekdays, and all day during the weekend. Private bookings during the weekday will have a referee available for their booking.