Corporate & Team Packages

Book Capital Airsoft for your next Corporate or Team Event!

Team building is a powerful tool to improve productivity, reduce conflict, encourage collaboration, and increase communication. At Capital Airsoft, teams will participate in powerful scenario-based exercises that allow team bonding to occur organically by solving problems and working together to achieve mission objectives.

Airsoft is a safe and exciting way to create long-lasting bonds between colleagues and promote healthy and supportive work environments that transcend the battlefield.

Simple Play or Team Build

Simple Play – gets you and your group onto the field for hours of intense tactical. Pit labour against management or break teams up by department. We will work with you to determine the best combination of teams that will be lead through a variety of basic game modes by our onsite field marshalls.

Team Build – puts you and your team into groups to complete tactical objectives. Your staff will have fun learning to communicate and work together through clearing rooms, shooting targets, and achieving missing goals with the help and guidance of our experienced team leaders. Our programs offer invaluable education that translate back to the office as your staff builds morale, trust, and friendship.

Because each organization is different, we would be happy to tailor events towards your specific needs and goals. Contact us today to book!